Mrs. Wenske

Mrs. Wenske.pngMrs. Wenske had been having multiple admissions to an acute care facility due to congestive heart failure and COPD. 

She was managing well and staying busy by helping local seniors to get to appointments, organizing trips and more. Early in September, she was unfortunately admitted again to a local acute care hospital with shortness of breath and fluid overload. Eventually she had increased difficulty breathing, needing a ventilator, and required a tracheostomy placement due to respiratory failure.

After her procedure, she was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - North for continued medical management and rehab. During her stay, she had continued to make great strides including walking with assistance, feeding herself and doing much of her self-care with less help from staff.

“The staff is great here. I never expected them to treat me as nice as they have. Dr. Llompart saved my life.”

She looks forward to getting her life back and getting back to helping others. The team at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - North has recognized how far she has come and looks forward to seeing her continue her treatment.