Mr. Kenneth Mertz

Mertz-Image.jpegMr. Mertz was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria South with a diagnosis of septic shock and A-fib. After complaints of severe LBP, the Mr. Mertz was found to have osteomyelitis of areas in his thoracic and lumbar spine. He quickly declined to the point that even simple tasks, such as moving in bed, were very difficult for him to perform due to his pain. He required increased assistance for all activities, especially transfers, and was unable to ambulate or sit up in a wheelchair without experiencing extreme pain.

The team at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria, South is ecstatic about Mr. Mertz’s current progress. He has improved in all areas physically, and continues to gain strength and endurance as he heals. He is now able to perform wheelchair mobility without assistance, transfer without assistance, and can ambulate 100 feet or more with a RW. We look forward to continuing to see him progress so he can eventually return home!