Mr. Bobby Muncrief

Muncrief-Image.jpegMr. Muncrief was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria, South following the onset of sepsis and pneumonia. When admitted, he required supplemental oxygen due to shortness of breath with all activities and showed poor endurance. He was having difficulty ambulating without an assistive device and was not able to balance himself without holding onto his rolling walker. As he began his therapy, he required frequent rest breaks and was unable to perform more than a few reps of each exercise due to fatigue. 

The team at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria, South is proud to report that Mr. Muncrief has made significant progress in all aspects of his mobility and endurance. He now is able to ambulate without his walker for prolonged distances, and no longer has issues with his balance. Mr. Muncrief also no longer requires supplemental oxygen and does not become short of breath with activities like he did when he first arrived. When asked about his time at PAM he said, “My stay at the acute medical care helped me regain my strength and recover to return home. The nurses and CNAs were amazing, and the rehab staff was excellent. If long term care is needed I would highly recommend this facility.” We are so happy with his progress and excited for him to return home with his family.