Heather Sharp

Ms. Sharp was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria, South with complications of acute respiratory failure following a COPD exacerbation and severe sepsis. She had been placed on a ventilator and underwent a tracheostomy before arriving at our facility. Unfortunately, Ms. Sharp’s medical conditions also caused her to be unable to speak, eat or move her limbs. There was a long road of recovery ahead for her.

The team at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria, South is proud to announce that we are amazed at Ms. Sharp’s recovery and she has improved significantly and is one step closer to returning home to her family. She has now been transferred to our rehab facility and continues to progress in all aspects of her mobility. She no longer requires a ventilator or trach, and is able to walk with a rolling walker! When asked about her stay and progress she told us she was grateful for her therapy, nursing, respiratory and CNA staff, telling us,

“If I ever get sick again, I’m coming back!”

Ms. Sharp has left the hospital feeling optimistic about reaching her goals and becoming independent again.