Mr. Alton Brown

Mr. Alton Brown.pngAlton Brown, also well known as the constable of Lavaca County in Texas, had recently underwent major back surgery when it was discovered that he had to return to the hospital due to critical complications.

Following this stay, he was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - South initially, on June 10th, after being hospitalized with sepsis. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown had ongoing complications once again and returned to the DeTar ICU.

On July 14th, after his previous hospital stay, Mr. Brown made his return to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - South. He was completely dependent with all mobility and ADL tasks and required extensive assistance for his many medical conditions including help due to very little lower and upper extremity active movement. Mr. Brown also received physical, occupational and speech therapy during his stay. Initially, his therapy treatment was focused on increasing active range of motion and increasing his tolerance for out of bed activity.

Remarkably, Mr. Brown made significant improvements in his upper and lower extremity strength, improved independence with transfers and many other tasks. We are proud to report that Mr. Brown has been discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for continued therapy in preparation for returning home with his wife.