Mr. Snellenberger

Mr. Snellenberger.pngMr. Snellenberger was admitted to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - South, after a previous hospitalization due to respiratory failure.

Upon admission, Mr. Snellenberger was on a ventilator, required a feeding tube for all nutrition and required assistance for all functional mobility. When he began his stay at the hospital he continued to receive extensive medical care from the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist and rehab team enabling him to return to a higher level of function and wellness.

While at PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria - South, Mr. Snellenberger received physical, occupational and speech therapy that included exercises, mobility training and dysphagia therapy to improve his strength, endurance and overall independence with activities of daily living. He is currently able to enjoy a regular diet, and is performing his ADL tasks and is ambulating independently with no assistive device throughout the facility. During his therapy he always participates with a smile and expresses his gratitude to the team at PAM for providing quality healthcare.