Michele Whiting

Michele had been transferred from a previous facility to PAM Specialty Hospital of Wilkes-Barre on April 24, 2018 for ventilator weaning, dialysis treatment, rehabilitation, wound care and nutritional management. Upon arrival, Michele was unresponsive, ventilator dependent, unable to move her extremities and received nutrition support from tube feedings.

We’re happy to report that during her time with PAM, Michele has improved significantly! She was weaned off the ventilator, decannulated and was discharged on one liter of nasal oxygen. Once immobile, Michele is now able to ambulate up to 400-500 ft. with a walker and feed herself and her wounds have healed. Only 30 days after her admission, Michele was discharged to a skilled facility to work towards an independent status. Before leaving, Michele thanked every member of the team for her recovery, and said that she will never forget all the wonderful people who cared for her.